A History of Florida
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A History of Florida

Human and Literature Publishing

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Many decades ago the word Florida was synonymous with mosquitoes, alligators,
snakes, and Indians. As a part of this Union, it was at that time considered
financially a worthless sand-spit, which had cost our Government fifty million
dollars and many lives in the almost fruitless effort to rescue it from the
hands of the wily Creeks and Seminoles, who occupied the middle and southern
portions of the State.

Florida lies between the degrees of twenty-five and thirty-one north latitude,
and eighty to eighty-eight west longitude from Greenwich. The northern
boundary being nearly three hundred and fifty miles from east to west, and its
length from north to south, nearly four hundred miles. It is in the same
latitude as Central Arabia, Northern Hindostan, the Desert of Sahara, the
northern portion of Burmah, the southern part of China and Northern Mexico.
The average width of the peninsula is about eighty miles, and every part is
fanned by either the Trade or Gulf winds, rendering the air delightfully
pleasant in midsummer. The most marked geographical feature of the State is
the enormous extent of coastline—the Atlantic and Gulf exceeding eleven
hundred miles, with numerous large bays, offering great facilities for
commercial intercourse. The northern part of the State is hilly and rolling.
Midway of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, an elevated ridge extends through
Middle and South Florida to Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades, gradually
sloping to the Atlantic Ocean on the east and to the waters of the Gulf of
Mexico on the west. The elevated lands are mostly pine, interspersed with
black-jack, post, and water-oak. At the base and along the water courses, are
rich hammock lands bordered with flat and rolling prairie, with the
everlasting scrub palmetto everywhere. The southern portion of the State is at
this time a vast cattle range, embracing thousands of acres on which a
surveyor’s chain has never fallen.
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