Cycles, The simplest, proven method to innovate faster while reducing risks
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The simplest, proven method to innovate faster while reducing risks

Die Keure Publishing


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**Change the way you think about innovation and give yourself every chance of

There are lots of books, courses, and videos on innovation. They are fun and
usually motivating, but seldom deliver long-term results.  _Cycles_ is a fun
book, but more importantly, it explains how to innovate at every stage.
Consistent winners are idea builders that make good or even mediocre ideas
great over time. With _Cycles_ you’ll learn by doing how to grow ideas up to
6x faster while cutting risks by over 50%. This book brings together 4 years
of research and the work of 22 innovation experts into a simple system with
easy-to-use canvases and tools. The foundation of this system is thinking of
idea building as an ongoing process of cycles. Some cycles are short, and some
are long. The best cycles include the ABCs of innovation.

A = Align
B = Build Ideas
C = Communicate and Check
S = Systematically Improve

This system ties the theories and research from hundreds of books into
something easy to understand and something you can do right now. If you want
to be a better innovator, _Cycles_ will change the way you think about
innovation. More importantly, with easy hands-on tools, _Cycles_ will make it
easier to innovate faster while reducing risks.

**A straightforward and effective method that you can start applying right


**Bryan Cassady** is a long-time entrepreneur and has built successful
businesses in six countries. His success rate is eight successful businesses
from eleven tries. For more than ten years, he has been teaching Innovation
and Entrepreneurship at leading business schools around the world (KU Leuven,
Solvay, EDHEC), led some of the world’s largest and most successful
accelerator programs (The Founder Institute and the European Innovation
Academy), and coached over 400 companies. He is currently working on the
Global Entrepreneurship Alliance- a foundation being set up to train 1 million
entrepreneurs by 2027.
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