Cranford: A Quick Read edition
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Cranford: A Quick Read edition

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Discover a new way to read classics with Quick Read.
This Quick Read edition includes both the full text and a summary for each
\- Reading time of the complete text: about 7 hours
\- Reading time of the summarized text: 11 minutes

"Cranford" is a novel by Elizabeth Gaskell that was first published in
instalments in the magazine Household Words and later as a book in 1853. The
novel is based on the small Cheshire town of Knutsford where Gaskell grew up.
The work has no real plot but is a collection of sketches that affectionately
delineate people and customs that were already becoming anachronisms. The
novel chronicles a society in transition, moving from one where consideration
of rank was the foremost regulator of behaviour and social relations to a more
humane emphasis on responding to individual need. The work became popular in
the 20th century and saw a number of dramatic treatments for the stage, the
radio and TV. The novel has been adapted for NBC radio, British television,
and a British musical. A sequel, "Return to Cranford," was broadcast in 2009
in the UK and 2010 in the US.
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